Spam Email Alert


Marketplace Events has learned from several exhibitors they are receiving scam emails offering attendee lists for purchase.

Please be aware these offers are fraudulent. These scammers do not have any relationship with Marketplace Events and they do NOT have the data they are attempting to sell.

Marketplace Events is a permission-based email sender. We do not share, rent, or sell our email lists.

Please be vigilant! Spammers are known to impersonate employees and illegally use show logos.

Fake Invoice Scam:  We have also been made aware of fake invoices being sent to some exhibitors from International Fairs Directory. Marketplace Events has no relationship with International Fairs Directory, Inter-Fairs, Expo-Guide, FairGuide, or Construct Data, and warns companies not to get caught out by this scam whereby official-looking invoices are being sent by email or post. Please always make certain you are completing only legitimate forms from the organizers of any exhibition in which you are participating.

Hotel Booking Scam:  It has been brought to our attention that fraudsters are sending emails from "RESERVATION TEAM" and "HOTEL RESERVATION" by the email addresses,,,,,,,,, and They are contacting attendees and exhibitors claiming to be representatives of Marketplace Events able to obtain discounted hotel rooms.  These individuals ARE NOT affiliated with Marketplace Events and are not authorized to use our name, the name of our events, or the name of partner hotels.

We are continually working with our legal team and sending the spammers cease and desist letters; however they are relentless and continue to send under new email addresses.  If you receive one of these emails, please BLOCK and MARK AS SPAM in your inbox, and forward it to

We have tracked scam emails being sent from the following domains and will continue to add to this list as we are made aware of the emails going out: